Why Healthy Patisserie ?

Healthy ? Yes

Tasty ? Yes

Bad for your waistline ? No !

Now that we have that sorted.
We can tell you a bit about who we are and what we’re all about.

The Healthy Patisserie Co is the new name in healthy eating taking Australia by storm. Our breakthrough range of cakes and slices will challenge your perception of whether food can be healthy and taste great at the same time. We believe that health conscious Australians have been deprived of great tasting, healthy sweets for too long. I mean, imagine being able to achieve your health goals and enjoy a delicious tasting cake or slice at the same time – it’s not rocket science, but no one out there seemed to be up for the challenge.

Well we were….

Realising that something needed to be done about this atrocity, we locked ourselves away for just over 8 months, perfecting a menu of divine desserts that are low in sugar and carbs but packed full of protein. What resulted is a delicious, yet healthy range of cakes and slices that will satisfy even the most health conscious person.


The sweet snack that loves you back

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