Do you deliver ?
Yes! We deliver Monday to Friday. Alternatively you can select in-store pick up at the final step in our online checkout.
What is your minimum order for free delivery?
There is no minimum order. However you will receive free delivery for orders over $250
What is your delivery window and pricing?
All orders received by Tuesday 3pm, will be delivered by Wednesday 5pm. And all orders received by Friday 5pm, will be delivered by the following Wednesday 5pm.Alternatively you can select in-store pick up.
How should I care for my healthy patisserie co cakes?
Our cakes must always be kept refrigerated unless serving. If you have selected delivery, we will place them in a refrigerated vehicle. For in-store pick up place your order in a cooler and shady spot secured Inside your vehicle.
How long will my cakes last in the fridge? Can I freeze them?
Your cakes-desserts will keep in the fridge for 5-7 days. Yes, You can also freeze your cakes-desserts for up to 6 months.
Do you wholesale?
Yes, email us at sales@healthypatisserie.com
Where are you located?
Our warehouse is at unit 11,390-396 Marion st, Condell Park 2200. Open to public for pick up.
What ingredients are used in your desserts?
We source organic stevia and premium whey protein in each dessert.
Why are your desserts unique from other healthy desserts?
Our main ingredients "protein and stevia" are unique ingredient in cakes, we have mastered the pair together. Try our cakes and you will know you are left feeling light, satisfied with a protein boost and also you will feel loved back by our great range of nutritious cakes.
Are your desserts handmade?
Absolutely, we make each cake- dessert by hand and in small batches to maintain quality.
Who delivers my cakes ?
We are in partnership with Tailored logistics which is a leading refrigerated transport company to ensure your cakes are delivered freshly right to your door.
Can I become a Distributor
Yes. Please Email us at sales@healthypattisserie.com.au and send us your details. One of our staff will contact you shortly.

Do you have another question ?

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